Guide to the motorcycle theory test

Motorcycle Theory Test

It can be confusing with all the rules and regulations in what you need to do to obtain a motorcycle licence. The motorcycle theory test section covers many aspects of the theory test.

Detailed in this section is all you’ll need to get started for the theory test from initially applying for your provisional motorcycle licence, to learning materials through to booking the motorcycle theory test itself.

Many of the motorcycle multiple choice theory test questions are common sense, some of them do however require studying. Ensure you study the Highway Code for all rules of the road and traffic signs. There’s a quiz below where you can test your knowledge on those difficult to remember road signs.

Motorcycle Theory Test Explained

Information detailing what’s needed for taking the motorcycle theory test and what score percentage you need to achieve in order to pass the theory test.

What to Expect on the Day of your Motorcycle Theory Test

Explained is the day of your motorcycle theory test and what you can expect to happen when you arrive. Also provided are tips and advice for arriving in good time.

Motorcycle Theory Test Pass Rates

These are the statistics for the motorcycle theory test. Pass rates for each individual UK theory test centre, along with national theory test pass rates for male and female test candidates combined.

Motorcycle Stopping Distances

The motorcycle theory test has questions relating to stopping distances. This tutorial explains the thinking and braking distances for motorcycles along with the overall stopping distances.

Motorcycle Theory Test – Road Signs

A major section within the motorcycle theory test is road signs. This tutorial offers information for understanding the various road signs based on their shape and colour.

Road Traffic Sign Theory Test Quiz

Many road signs are self-explanatory, but some are more challenging. This road traffic sign quiz tests your knowledge on those difficult road signs that often result in being marked incorrect on the theory test.

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