Motorcycle riding and maintenance tips and advice

Motorcycle Riding & Maintenance Tips

We all get a little absent-minded and forgetful at times, even whilst riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle proficiently requires accuracy and continuous concentration. Over time, we can allow bad habits to creep in, potentially making the rider more vulnerable to an accident.

Not only do we need to ride for ourselves, but for others too and to ride defensively taking their actions into account. Contained in this section are tips and advice for qualified motorcycle riders, who may either be newly qualified or perhaps in need of refreshing their skills.

Below are tutorials for novice riders such as dealing with the rain and wet roads may also prove beneficial, plus advice for taking a pillion passenger for the first time, night riding and the essential strategy of defensive riding. Covered also is advice on how to control a motorcycle skid.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Tyre

As a new rider, sooner or later you’ll need to change your tyres. This guide explains how to check your tyres for wear and damage, the different types of tyres available and what the motorcycle tyre markings mean.

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is a daunting prospect to some. An extension of the skills you already gained are needed to stay safe. This guide offers tips and advice for safe riding in the rain.

Motorcycle Riding on Wet Roads

Dealing with the rain is a hazard in itself, but with the rain does of course come wet roads. This guide offer plenty of tips for motorcycle riding on wet and slippery roads, what should be done and what should be avoided for keeping safe.

Taking a Pillion Passenger Advice

Taking a pillion passenger for the first time requires an altered riding technique and can be daunting for both the rider and passenger. This guide covers the legal aspects of taking a pillion, advice to give the passenger and ride tips to accommodate the extra weight.

Motorcycle Night Riding Safety Tips

Taking to the roads at night on a motorcycle can be a daunting task for some. It takes extra skill and concentration. Covered are tips and advice for being seen, plus the various extra hazards that come with riding in the dark.

Motorcycle Traffic Filtering

You’ll often see motorcycle riders filter through with slow moving traffic. If this isn’t done carefully, it can be dangerous. This guide offers safety bike riding tips for traffic filtering, or ‘lane splitting’ as it’s also referred to.

Motorcycle Defensive Riding

With increased traffic density, defensive riding is a strategy that allows riders to predict and plan hazards and is essential for every motorcycle rider to remain as safe as possible.

How to Deal With Tailgaters

Drivers that follow so closely that if you brake suddenly, they have no way of stopping in time are a hindrance to all road users, particularly vulnerable motorcycle riders. Here we look at some tips for dealing with tailgaters.

How to Control a Motorcycle Skid

A guide that details the cause of many motorcycle skids, procedures on how to prevent a skid and how to control a motorcycle skid if it occurs.

How to and Where to Park a Motorcycle

A guide on how and where to park a motorcycle, avoid common mistakes. Measures that should be taken to secure your bike, plus areas to avoid parking.

Who Should Take a Motorcycle Refresher Training Course?

A refresher training course is ideal for any rider who’s taken a break from riding or who wishes to upgrade their machine. Let’s look at what’s covered in a refresher course and why they’re beneficial.

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