Tips and advice for passing the motorcycle riding test

Motorcycle Riding Test Tips

The practical riding test for motorcycles is unlike most test we take during our lifetime as it comprises of mental and physical agility. A good deal of DVSA riding tests are failed each year due to not being fully prepared on what to expect during the test, not up to the appropriate standard, and of course nerves play a part too.

Preparation is a major part in passing the test. Knowing your test centre helps immensely. Understand the location of your test centre and the various roads and traffic systems in and around the centre. Gaining familiarity of the riding test routes proves beneficial to most test candidates wishing to pass module 2 which will see you tested on challenging roads.

Motorcycle test routes do change and get altered from time-to-time. The test routes for your module 2 riding test centre may be available and can help to provide an insight into what to expect.

Motorcycle Riding Test Clothing Rules

It’s essential that you wear the correct clothing when attending either your module 1 or module 2 riding test. DVSA examiner may cancel your test where you’ll lose the test fee if you’re not wearing suitable clothing.

Motorcycle Eyesight Test Explained

An eyesight test is conducted just before your riding test and your test will only commence if you pass. Let’s take a look at how the eyesight test is conducted and how you can prepare for it.

Motorcycle Show Me Tell Me Questions

This section covers the motorcycle Show Me Tell Me questions along with answers asked by the DVSA riding examiner at the start of the practical riding test.

Motorcycle Test Pillion Questions

The module 2 practical on-road test will not only include motorcycle maintenance questions, but also questions regarding carrying a pillion passenger. Unlike the show and tell questions, getting these wrong may fail your test.

Motorcycle Riding Test Centres

Detailed are the UK motorcycle riding test centres by county, the type of Mod tests conducted at each centre along with the facilities each test centre offers.

Motorcycle Module 1 Explained

Module 1 has many exercises that must be completed in order to pass the test. This section covers the various exercises including: Slalom and figure of eightslow rideU-turncornering and controlled stop | emergency stop exercise.

Motorcycle Module 1 Course Layout

This section explains the different types of courses that can be used on the module 1 riding test along with diagrams and which manoeuvres are done during the riding test.

Motorcycle Module 1 Test Pass Rates

Motorcycle test pass rates for module 1, including test categories A, A1 and A2 for DVSA test centres. Statistics dates range between the 12 months of April 2017 to March 2018.

Motorcycle Module 2 Riding Test Explained

Motorcycle riding test module 2 explained – documents you must take along with a description of what will happen during the test.

How to Pass Motorcycle MOD 2 Tips

Here we look at the preliminaries that can result in the test being cancelled, the top reasons for failing to avoid, plus tips to increase your chances of passing.

Motorcycle Module 2 Test Pass Rates

Motorcycle test pass rates for module 2, including test categories A, A1 and A2 for DVSA test centres. Pass rates range from April 2017 to March 2018.

Motorcycle Test Routes

Each and every motorcycle test centre has routes developed by the examiners for the module 2 practical riding test. This section provides many of the official DVSA motorcycle test routes.

Motorcycle Test Routes for Sat Nav

Understanding the roads and routes that the examiner will take you over offers a huge advantage. Allow your Sat Nav device to lead the way with these easy to install Sat Nav test routes.

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