Lower Gornal Motorcycle Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publicly publish motorcycle test routes to prevent test candidates from learning the routes.

The Lower Gornal motorcycle test routes detailed on this page may have altered slightly or changed entirely as test centres change locations and update their test routes accordingly.

As a result, use the motorcycle route information as a guide only and a reference into where the examiner is likely to take you during the module 2 practical motorcycle riding test.

The motorcycle test routes offer an excellent insight to the various types of roads, junctions, roundabouts and other forms of traffic systems that examiners test motorcycle candidates on. Many tests are failed on leaving and arriving back at the test centre as well as the busiest areas of the routes with high traffic density. Below are the Lower Gornal motorcycle test routes 1 to 5. Further Lower Gornal motorcycle routes may follow and be updated shortly, or you can download all available Lower Gornal routes for your sat-nav.


Motorcycle test routes for your Sat Nav, home PC and Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and tablets, Google Earth and Google Maps can be downloaded for help on your module 2 motorcycle riding test. Download all available Lower Gornal Motorcycle Test Routes for your system.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • MTC – Motorcycle Test Centre
Name of Motorcycle Test CentreLower Gornal
Type of Test RouteMotorcycle Module 2
Route Number1
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Lake StRoundabout right
Ruiton StLeft
Stickley LaneRight
Kennedy CrescentAhead
Wood RdLeft
Woodfield RdRight
Boundary HillEOR right
Abbey StEOR right, left
Bull StT/L right
Himley RdT/L right
A449 Stourbridge RdRoundabout right
Wodehouse Lane5th right
Cotwall End Rd2 nd left, left
Catholic LaneRight
Moden HillRight
Vale StRoundabout ahead
Lake StRight
Route Number2
MTCEOR right
Lake StInto
Dibdale Rd WestEOR right
Charlecote DriveEOR left
Milking BankRoundabout left
Highland Rd2 nd right
Limepit RdRight
The BroadwayLeft
Limes RdRoundabout right
Laurel RdEOR left
Hazel RdEOR left
Priory RdRight
Woodland AvenueEOR left
Forrest Rd2 nd left
Oak RdEOR right
Priory RdT/L right
B/Ham New RdRoundabout right
Birmingham RdRoundabout ahead
BypassRoundabout right
Blowers Green RdRoundabout ahead, 2 nd left
Aston RdAhead
Wellington Rd3 rd left
Russell StEOR right
Grange RdEOR left
W-Ton StRoundabout ahead
Salop StRoundabout left
Dibdale RdAhead
Milking Bank2 nd right
Charlecote DrLeft
Dibdale Rd West3 rd left
Route Number3
Lake StRoundabout right
Robert StT/L ahead
Eve LaneT/L right
Sedgley RdT/L ahead
Sedgely Rd West2 nd right
Foxyards Rd4 th right
Lea Green AvenueLeft
Silverthorne AvenueLeft
Foxyards RdEOR right
Sedgely Rd WestT/L right
Dudley RdRoundabout ahead, T/L left
Birmingham New RdRoundabout right
Birmingham Rd4 th left
Dudley South By PassRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
Blowers Green RdRoundabout ahead, T/L left
Aston RdT/L ahead
Wellington Rd4 th left
Russell StEOR right
Grange RdEOR left
Wolverhampton StRoundabout ahead
Salop StRoundabout left
Dibdale Rd5 th right
Charlcotte Drive1 st left
Dibdale Rd West3 rd left
Route Number4
MTCEOR right
Lake St3 rd right
Corncrake RdEOR right
Milking BankRoundabout left
Himley RdRight
Sandfield RdEOR left
Langston RdRoundabout right
Hinbrook rdEOR right
Russells Hall RdEOR right
Merry Field RdRight
Grenville RdEOR left
Hinbrook RdRoundabout left
Langston RdRight
Sandford RdEOR left
Himley RdRoundabout left
Himley RdLeft
Coopers Bank RdInto
Smithy LaneEOR right
Tansey Green RdRoundabout left
Stallings LaneT/L left
Moss GroveRight
Fellows RdEOR right
Newbridge RdEOR left
Dudley RdRoundabout right
High StInto
Holbeach RdRoundabout left
W-Ton RdT/L right
Dudley RdInto
Himley Rd4 th left
Redhall RdEOR right
Temple StInto
Church StRoundabout right
Lake StRight
Route Number5
MTCEOR right
Lake St2nd right
Humphrey StEOR right
Church StRoundabout right
Robert StT/L right
Burton Rd3 rd left
The Broadway3 rd left
Limes RdRoundabout ahead
Woodland Avenue1 st right
Paganel DriveEOR right
The BroadwayRoundabout right
Priory RdEOR left
B’ham New Rd9 th left
Shaw RdEOR left
High StRoundabout ahead
Dudley StT/L right
Jews LaneRoundabout left
Lake StRight