Motorcycle Eye Test

Deteriorating eyesight is usually a slow process that can effect anyone of any age. Deteriorating eyesight can often go unnoticed or ‘put off’ until a later date when we have more time to deal with it.

Detailed within this section are frequently asked questions regarding the motorcycle eyesight test.

When is the Motorcycle Eye Test Taken?

If you are intending on taking motorcycle compulsory basic training (CBT), or a motorcycle module 2 road test, they will both require that you undertake an eye test by the trainer or examiner. The eye test will initiate before riding your vehicle. If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, you should also wear these for your training or test.

What Happens if I fail the Eye Test?

In terms of CBT, if you fail the eye test, your training will stop there and you’ll be unable to continue. You will have to rebook your CBT when your vision has been amended.

For the module 2 on-road riding test, if you fail the eye test, technically you will also fail the mod 2 test. You will need to rebook and pay once again for the test after having your vision corrected.

New-style UK number plate

How is the Eye Test Conducted?

For both the CBT and the Mod 2 road test, the trainer / examiner will require you to read a number plate from a distance of:

  • 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate
  • 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate

This will be from set distance from a parked car or a number plate fixed on a wall. New-style number plates start with two letters followed by two numbers, eg AB12 ABC.

What if I cannot Read the Number Plate Correctly?

Your trainer / examiner will offer you a second attempt, ideally from another parked vehicle. If you are unable to complete the test successfully on the second attempt, you will be given a final third attempt, where the examiner will measure the distance for accuracy. If on the third attempt you fail, CBT training, or the module 2 on road test will be terminated.

How Can I Prepare for the Eye Test?

If you suspect that your eyes may need correction, book yourself in for an eye test at your local optician, They will inform you whether your eyesight meets the legal requirements for driving or riding a motorcycle.

If you are reasonably confident that your eyesight is of a good standard, use or buy a tape measure and run the test yourself. Or for a rough estimate, take 20 x 1 metre paces from a parked vehicle. There’s around 3 feet in 1 metre. When you run the eye test, ensure the sun is to the side or behind so not to obscure your vision.

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