Motorcycle Riding Test Centres Derbyshire

Provided are the address location, type of motorcycle tests provided and other facilities for motorcycle riding test centres in Derbyshire.

There is currently only one motorcycle testing facility in Derbyshire which only provides module 2. In order to take either module 1 or module 2 tests, a practical motorcycle riding test must be booked and taken at a official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) centre.

The on-road module 2 test will involve you and the examiner riding on public roads on devised routes. These motorcycle test routes are planned by the examiner who conduct the tests in the area and will involve many varied road types. Gaining an understanding of these routes may help significantly during your riding test.

Test routes start from the test centre and range for several mile radius and involve many varied road types. Practice the areas local to your test centre as statistically, many tests are failed here.


Bus Garage, Approach Road
S41 7LT

Chesterfield motorcycle riding test centre
Chesterfield motorcycle riding test centre
  • Riding Tests Provided: Motorcycle module 2 (on-road)
  • Parking Facilities: There are parking spaces available
  • Toilets: Male and female toilets are available
  • Disabled Access: Disabled wheelchair access available
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