Bathgate Motorcycle Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publicly publish motorcycle test routes to prevent test candidates from learning the routes.

The Bathgate motorcycle test routes detailed on this page may have altered slightly or changed entirely as test centres change locations and update their test routes accordingly.

As a result, use the motorcycle route information as a guide only and a reference into where the examiner is likely to take you during the module 2 practical motorcycle riding test.

The motorcycle test routes offer an excellent insight to the various types of roads, junctions, roundabouts and other forms of traffic systems that examiners test motorcycle candidates on. Many tests are failed on leaving and arriving back at the test centre as well as the busiest areas of the routes with high traffic density. Below are the Bathgate motorcycle test routes 1 to 5.


Motorcycle test routes for your Sat Nav, home PC and Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and tablets, Google Earth and Google Maps can be downloaded for help on your module 2 motorcycle riding test. Download your Bathgate Motorcycle Test Routes for your system.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • MTC – Motorcycle Test Centre
Motorcycle Test CentreBathgate
Type of Test RouteMotorcycle
Route Number1
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Glasgow RdRoundabout left
Mill RdMini roundabout right
Balmuir Rd2 nd right
Lothian St2 nd left
Turner StLeft
Dundas StEOR right
Balmuir RdEOR left
A801Roundabout right
A89T/L right
North StLeft
Bridgecastle RdLeft
Drove RdEOR left
Mill RdEOR left
West Main StT/L right
South St3 rd left
Lower BathvilleMini roundabout ahead
B708T/L right
Glasgow RdLeft
Route Number2
Glasgow RdRoundabout right
Menzies RdRoundabout right
Whitburn Rd3 rd left
Inchcross RdEOR left
Slip RdRoundabout left
Blackburn RdRoundabout ahead
Ladeside Rd2 nd left, EOR right, EOR left
Blackburn Rd4 x roundabout ahead
Kirk Rd3 rd left
Academy StRight
Mid StreetEOR left
Hopetown St2 nd right
Mansfield StEOR right
Waverley StMini roundabout left
Cochrane StEOR left, right, roundabout ahead
Burnside RdLeft
Muir RdEOR left
Route Number3
Glasgow RdT/L left
Hardhill RdMini roundabout ahead
Lower BathvilleT/L right
South StT/L left
West Main StRight
Mill Rd4 th left
Glenwood DriveLeft
Glenside GardensLeft, EOR right
Mill Rd2 nd left
Shaw AveEOR right
Drove RdEOR right
Bridgecastle RdEOR left
B8084EOR right
Westfield RdEOR right
A801Roundbaout left
A89 / Glasgow RdT/L ahead, left
Route Number4
Glasgow Rd2 nd right
Race Rd4 th right
Easton RdMini roundabout right
Mill RdLeft
Waverley StMini roundabout right
Livery StEOR left
Hopetown StRight
Mid StLeft
Academy StRight
Newland AveLeft
Gordon AveEOR right
Marjoribanks StRoundabout 2 nd exit
Blackburn RdRoundabout 2 nd exit, roundabout left
A7066 Slip RdRoundabout ahead
A7066Roundabout left
Edinburgh RdRoundabout ahead, T/L left
Whitburn RdRoundabout right
Menzies RdRoundabout left
Glasgow RdRight
Route Number5
Glasgow RdRoundabout ahead
South Bridge StLeft
North Bridge St4 th left
Gideon StEOR left
Hopetown StRight
Marjoribanks StRight
Academy St2 nd left
South Mid StEOR left
Edinburgh RdRoundabout ahead, roundabout right
A7066Roundabout ahead
A7066 Dual Carriageway1 st slip Rd left
A7066 Slip RdRoundabout left
Blackburn Rd3 x roundabout ahead
Kirk RdRight
Balbardie RdEOR left
Drumcross Rd2 nd right
Torphichen StRoundabout left
Waverley StRoundabout right
Cochrane StEOR left
Burnside RdLeft
Muir RdEOR left
Glasgow Rd
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