Where to Put L Plates on a Motorcycle / Moped

As a learner rider of a motorcycle or moped, it’s a legal requirement to display L plates on the front and back of your vehicle. The only exemption is if you passed your driving test before 1 February 2001, in which case you can ride a moped up to 50 cc without L plates and you’ll not be required to take the CBT course or full moped test.

The Highway Code states that L plates must clearly be visible from in front of the vehicle and from behind. Learner moped and motorcycle riders are often stopped by police due to incorrectly placed L plates. Let’s look at the best place to put L plates on a motorcycle and moped.

Where to Put L Plates on a Motorcycle

L plates should be in an upright and as close to 90 degree angle as possible.

Where to put L plates on a motorcycle

For the front L plate, a common place to attach a plate is mounted either between the forks in the centre of the bike or attached to a single fork at the side of the motorcycle using adjustable clips and bracket.

For the back of the motorcycle, the typical place to attach an L plate is just under the registration plate. The plate is stuck to a holder. This is because on most motorcycles, there’s really little room to put it anywhere else. L plates should be kept clean and free from excessive damage where it becomes difficult to read them.

Where to Put L Plates on a Moped

The same L plate requirements apply on mopeds in that the plates should remain upright and as close to 90 degree angle as possible.

The bodywork on mopeds varies, so if there’s a surface large enough to hold an L plate and it’s reasonably flat and upright, you can simply stick a plate to the front or attach one using a base plate kit. Alternatively, you can attach one to a fork at the side of the vehicle using an adjustable clip and bracket.

Where to put L plates on a moped

For the back of the moped, the L plate can be mounted directly under the registration plate. It’s a legal requirement to keep L plates clean and damage-free so they are easily seen by other road users.

Motorcycle L Plate Sets

Motorcycle L plate sets can be purchased online or at various stores. Sets typically include a rigid front and rear L plate holder along with fittings and bracket that allow you to attach the front plate to a fork and the rear plate to the registration plate.

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