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What Are Motorcycle Test Routes?

There are around 370 practical driving test centres around the UK. As well as cars, many of these test centres provide MOD 2 motorcycle tests. Test routes, whether for cars or motorcycles are pre-planned ‘circuit’ that covers a wide variety of roads and traffic systems.

Motorcycle Test Route map layout
The motorcycle MOD 2 test routes are designed to last approximately 40 minutes

A typical motorcycle test route will start at the test centre, finish at the test centre and take around 40 minutes to complete. Depending on the availability in the area, the test route might include busy urban roads, country lanes and high speed A roads or dual carriageways.

Why do Test Centres have Test Routes?

The test centre’s manager is responsible for making the test routes. All other examiners at the test centre follow a pre-selected route so that the test candidate is tested over a wide variety of roads and is back at the test centre in good time ready for the next test. A typical motorcycle test route will:

  • Take around 40 minutes to complete.
  • Include a wide range of roads. Depending on the area, it can include country lanes, busy urban roads and high speed dual carriageways, but not motorways.
  • Include a wide range of traffic systems such as light controlled junctions, pedestrian crossings etc.
  • Often include challenging roads such as multi-lane systems, blind junctions etc.
  • Include sections suitable for the independent riding part of the test.
  • Include areas for normal stops, angle starts and if possible, hill starts.

Several motorcycle test routes can be made by the test centre manager. The amount of test routes available depends on how many motorcycle MOD 2 tests are conducted. For example, a busy test centre may have 7 or 8 motorcycle test routes available.

Will I Have a Better Change of Passing the MOD 2 Test if I Know the Test Routes?

Yes, knowing the test routes prior to taking your test will significantly increase your changes of passing. ‘Roads’ are for the most part just roads, but the challenge with test routes are the difficult sections that often catch unsuspecting riding test candidates out. Knowing the test routes allows you to become familiar with the specific areas.

How Do I Get to Know the Motorcycle Test Routes?

There are two methods to this. Firstly, you can employ the services of a instructor, who will hopefully be familiar with the local test routes, or you can download our test routes app.

Our test routes app includes test routes for all categories such as cars and motorcycles and are constantly being updated just as the routes are. For more information about the test route app, see download motorcycle test routes.

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Gain an advantage, increase your chances of passing the MOD 2 motorcycle test and go into the test with increased confidence. Download the free Driving / Riding Test Routes App and start practicing for your motorcycle riding test today.